Oncology studies facilitated by taking study visits to the patients

Patient recruitment and retention are key factors in establishing the objectives and ultimate success of clinical trials. These can be particularly challenging in oncology studies where patients may reside distant to investigator sites and may suffer severe side effects making travel difficult.  A patient-centric service model has evolved over the past years allowing study visits to be conducted at the patient’s home where it is more convenient and comfortable than at the investigator site. By conducting selected protocol visits at home, workplace or other alternate location, ambulant healthcare providers offer a way for patients to participate in trials regardless of study duration, frequency of visits, disease state, distance to site and family, school, work or community obligations.  By making trials more convenient and comfortable for patients, more patients are willing and able to participate and remain in the study. This innovative service model is available on a global basis and has been shown to triple enrollment rates and reduce patient dropout rates to 3 percent.  Services include study drug administration, blood draws, clinical assessments, patient training and education and study compliance checks in all age groups, a variety of therapeutic areas and in all phases of development.  This ambulant care service model provides a win-win benefit for all stake holders by providing patient’s convenient and comfortable way to participate in studies, offering investigators the ability to recruit patients from a broader geographic area, reducing development times for sponsors and ultimately getting life enhancing products to consumers sooner.